Holding financial at the beginning of this year expanded its offer by installment loans, which can be taken on the


Holding financila is constantly working on expanding its offer and improving the quality of services in such a way as to best meet the financial needs of consumers.


The Financial Holding releases a new brand

The Financial

 The beginning of 2017 means big changes. In the interests of the financial situation of its clients, the Holding has supplemented its range of financial products, in which short-term loans have been dominant until now. At the beginning of this year, also began to issue installment loans.

  • At the turn of the year, we began issuing installment loans. This is the next stage of our development strategy. Loans up to PLN 3,000 are granted under a new brand of our financial group under the name.


The financial needs of Poles

The financial needs of Poles

The installment obligations are to meet the needs of those who care about quick cash combined with a low monthly installment. Supplementing the offer of the cash register with non-bank loans of this type may result in the creation of high competition for financial products taken so far in the bank. Their main disadvantages were complicated procedures and a long waiting time for funds.

– The characteristic “F” in the name means to our customers: more, longer, better. – says Margita Kaczmarek, President of the Board of Surat, which owns the brand. – This is just the beginning of the planned expansion for this year. – announces Margita Kaczmarek. Holding Finansowy does not intend to rest on its laurels and only to develop this one brand. The priority for the entire entity is a constant extension of the product offer, improvement of the commitment process as well as the creation of a positive image of the non-banking sector.


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