The financial group that has existed on the market since is in partnership with BNP Paribas and offers several financing services; in part known for these renewable loan consolidation available in supermarkets; to French and European customers.

proposes in particular its redemption form, what are its advantages and disadvantages, we take stock?


The conditions of the  loan buyback


The buy-back is used by people in financial difficulty following a loan and those whose financial institutions reject their application for loan for consumption. It is generally used to reduce the rate of over-indebtedness and to enjoy the rest to live interesting.

offers a wide range of loan combinations to help individuals consolidate any type of loan in order to reduce their monthly payments by up to 60%.


The rest to live, what is it exactly?

The rest to live, what is it exactly?

By definition, the remainder to live is the rest of the money that a person has, after paying all the bills of the month (bills, repayments of loan , conventional charges for example food). Basically, it is supposed to be “economy of the month”, because generally, it is used for cases of extreme emergencies (car breakdown) or to have fun.

helps its clients to consolidate all their debts, which means that all the remaining debts will be consolidated into a single loan that agrees to pay and for several years. Customers will only have to repay only one debt. It frees its customers from any commitment by buying back their consumer loan from other financial institutions but also the revolving loan and others contracted with themselves. Moreover, specifies that all the loan can be bought back, but not only the mortgage. Note that the cancellation fee is included in the redemption.

plays mainly on the interest rate, the more it decreases, the more the amount to be paid monthly decreases. To reduce it even more and at the same time to assert the purchasing power, the duration of the loan plays an important role, because it reduces to the maximum the price to be paid every month. But, we must still remain vigilant.

In the case of a mortgage, the property is mortgaged. The engagement is done manually at the notary and it is necessary to include the expenses of the notary on the total of the loan.


Loan redemption simulation online

Loans online

It is possible to perform a loan redemption simulation online on their website to obtain a quick eligibility response. An easy way to make a simulation and know the benefits of the loan consolidation. Moreover, Internet users will have an answer within 4 hours with a competent advisor who can answer all questions.

Following the online request, customers can apply for funding to get an idea of ​​the solution that can be provided to them and define the overall cost of the operation. For more information, ‘s customer advisers can be contacted directlyt.


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